Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My baby is two, her baby is two

Unbeliveable...time is going by so quickly. We didn't make a huge deal about today as we are having a big party on Saturday. I did however uncontrollably sob several times today thinking about his birthmother. We are starting the tradition of lighting a candle for her (one of those big candles in a glass container) on his birthday, to honor her and her bittersweet decision to let the universe find him a new family. I imagine she is thinking of him and wondering who he is, how he is....where he is. I wish I could tell her that he is safe and happy and loved. I wish I could thank her for the sacrifice she made, the immeasurable gift she gave to me, to her son and my husband. I know she did what she did out of love, so he could have opportunities that she could not give him, but how in the world do you make the choice to send your child away, to people and places you will never know? She must have a strong faith, or a strong will...or both. Nonetheless, I will be forever grateful to you J.D-C.F., your baby is safe and loved and we will remember you to him when the time is right and he can appreciate the gift you gave to him.

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M & J said...

I hope little man had a great party today!! Happy Birthday Jonas!!

BTW remind me I shouldn't read blogs at work. I read this post the other day and it made me cry. Very well spoken.

M, J & J