Friday, June 27, 2008

Twins on Tuesday

Right to business here.

G and I have decided to actively pursue another adoption..Domestic this time.

Well, in standard A-family fashion, I scour the internets for resources, contacts, etc... I put feelers out here and there and WHAM!! I get an email yesterday thatstates the following... " Would you be interested in 7 month old twin girls,please let us know asap." UHHHHHH HuH? Of course my dear husband (who obviously, and for no good reason, sees his wife as wonder woman) says, YES YES YES, that would be SOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome.

So I email the social worker back... we exchange a few emails, a phone call. ThenI hear, "Oh by the way, she's signing the TPR Monday, so you'll needto travel no later than TUESDAY."

I think, Tuesday of The week that is theCOMING week on the calendar in the month I am CURRENTLY living in, in the year of2008, on planet Earth?

Suffice it to say that we are not going to be having twins on Tuesday. There isNO WAY something that happens this fast can be the right thing to do. I am assuredthat there are other interested families and I need not feel guilty about not being ready.

So I guess the moral of the story is that we need to get our butts in gear and makesure we really mean it when we say we want to add to our family. Apparently, the universe is taking us VERY SERIOUSLY.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Get a spatula

I need someone to scoop me up off of the floor please.

J and I were in the playroom. I was sitting in the glider...gliding. He was playing with his kitchen set. He walked over to me and gestured to get up into my lap. I picked him up and held him for a few seconds, he turned to look at me and said..... ready? "I love you". Just like that, no prompting...looked me right in the eyes and then made his I'm-ready-to-kiss-you-now face. I gave him a smooch, said I love you too, and off he scampered.

I tried to hide from him that I was sobbing.

Who knew someone so small could make such a big impact on my life. This momma thing is good!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today is the one year anniversay of bringing our beautiful boy home from Guatemala. Who knew that time would pass so quickly? The joy and meaning in our lives has increased immeasurably. Grateful is too wimpy of a word to use. We are humbled and honored to be given the opportunity to parent this boy. He is a shining light and has made me a better person.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So this afternoon, whilst giving my darling boy a bath...he reaches for "the goods", looks at me and says, "Pee pee on the potty." I think I just smiled and nodded, I truly wasn't paying attention. He said again, "Pee pee potty!" "You want to pee pee on the potty?" "YES!"

I stand up, grab him under the pitts and place his slippery hiney on the potty. I am squatting in front of him, holding him on the seat. He's looking down at "mr. winky"..... I'm looking at "mr. winky" and lo and behold.... dribble, dribble. I exclaim, "PEE PEE"..."Good job, you are such a big boy" He BEAMED! He reached over and flushed, I asked if he was finished and he nodded. As soon as his feet hit the floor he says, "More pee pee potty". I thought to myself, "self... this may be a on and off the potty game here....but if its not..." So I put him back on the pot. To both of our delight, a stream...yes folks, a stream. I shouted all the encouraging words I could articulate, he squealed with delight...a good time was had by all.

Watching him on the potty was really kind of intense. It made me think about how hard it is to let go. Seriously, he learned, in the tiniest way...that its ok to let go. Of course, his lesson was just about urine this time, but it was the first of many opportunites to let go he is going to have in his life. I hope to be a part of those lessons....maybe not so much in a I'm-holding-you-by-the-armpits-watching-you-pee kind of way, but an equally significant way. It was about letting go for me too. It hit me that my entire job is teaching this kiddo how to depend on himself... to not need me at all. I think this must be the hardest part of mothering; a part that not all moms do very well. I really want my kiddo to be independant and self assured, to take off running and not look back; trusting that I will be there when he turns around. (Sigh)

Later..much, much later after dinner etc.. I put one of those, smaller kiddo potty seats onto his toilet. We got toward the back of the house, to go get ready for bed and I asked if he had to go "pee pee potty". He squealed, YES!! So this time he had a seat with handles he could hold on to, which was nice...for both of us.

He did his business. I said, you know, you can poop on the potty too! Do you know, my child loves me so much, he squeezed out a little gem for me...right then. I was so proud... I swear I almost cried.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

He will grow and flourish because of the love he sees in your eyes

He will learn to love people even when they are stinky

He will treasure the important stuff

He will be grateful to be on this important journey with you
(pick up trip)

He will always look to you for guidance
(second visit)

He will always feel safe with you

He will trust you always

He will be a better man, because you showed him
that crying is something real men do
(first time you ever held him)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mmm tasty, guess I'll pee on it now.

Can someone please explain to me why when my dogs do something naughty like, cruise the counter, snag a loaf of bread and devour it, that they insist on urinating on the packaging? I mean, what if we did that?

G and I went out to an awesome sushi restaurant... LOVED it, best sushi we've had in a while. What if when we were finished, to show our appreciation for this amazing meal, we stood on the table and peed all over the dishes. Seriously, what is the point?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mom, don't read this post

Watching the results show for So you think you can dance. G is in the kitchen with the dishwasher running, I am on the couch. For clarity sake, "Stick up your butt" is a dancer on the show (one of the judges said he danced like he had a stick up his butt).

Me: hey, its stick up your butt

G: what

Me: Its stick up your butt




Me: disolving into hysterical, blackout inducing laughter

This is only funny if you know my husband. He removes worms from the sidewalk when it has rained really hard.

Please don't be what I think you are

One week ago, my dear sweet boy was put down for a nap, like he always is, and drifted off to dreamland with the sound of his ocean machine lulling him into blissful dreamtime splendor. Wait...let me back up. His daddy put him down for a nap...WITH NO PANTS ON. A few hours goes by and I hear him stirring through the monitor. I usually let it go for awhile, depending on the noises he is making as sometimes he falls back to sleep. Well, I had one of those mommy know, the ones that say, "Psst, you better get yer ass in there cuz something is going on." Yeah, that kind of moment. I calmly walk to the "baby wing" of the house, pass the doggie gate, hand on door handle, ease open the door and see that my beautiful son is sitting up in his crib, sans diaper, playing with SOMETHING.... Something BROWN!

My god, the human brain is well equipt for trauma, DENIAL was my first response, I flipped through the rolodex of possible substances, no way could that be what I think it is, I said aloud, "Please don't be what I think you are!" I flip on the light, OMFG you are what i think you are. Hands COVERED, fingernails caked, little mudpies everywhere, he was actively pulling apart a little nugget when I finally looked at his face. The first thing I did was look at his mouth and asked him to smile... I am pretty sure none of it went in, but we did brush our teeth, TWICE.

I like to think he's going to be a pathologist and he was doing his first bit of research.

So, I yell, "I'M HAVING AN EMERGENCY!!" I remove the child from the crib and place him directly into the bathtub. So... do you fill up the tub w/ water and let him soak in the poop water? Do you just rinse? So many choices! I ended up filling up, scrubbing, draining water, rinsing out tub and then filled up the tub again with clean water.

I called my sweet husband, detailed the events and his response was, "We will speak of this to noone!"

Yeah, right!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I know, I don't call, I don't write

We are busy having fun. We've been to the pool, to the beach, to disney. I will update this weekend I promise!