Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh, Hai

Last night at 1:45am I heard.... "click" the sound of the baby gate. G asked if I heard it, I told him I would go make sure one of the dogs hadn't gotten past the gate and into Jonas's room. I climb out of bed, pass through the living room and I am greeted with, "Oh"... "Hi Mommy". My child climbed out of his crib, left his room and made his way past the gate. I yell to G, "we have bigger problems than dogs in the boy's room!" I swooped Jonas up and went back into his room. He had thrown his blanket and pillow on the ground. I can only imagine he had the foresight to use it as a landing pad. G made his way into the room. I swear he almost looked proud. He said, "show me how you did that". So I put Jonas back in the crib and he proceeded to lift his leg onto the top rail and hoist himself up. HMPFH. I seriously thought I had another year of this crib thing.

Luckily we have a pack n play set up in our bedroom for hasty storage of a toddler. We got him to fall asleep pretty quickly.

So, today I purchased a toddler bed and another baby gate. I have no idea how he is going to react to this bed. I am going to super duper toddler proof the room. I'll let you know how it goes.


Kelly said...

LOL He will love his bed if not entice him with his favorite character bedding:)

M & J said...

Oh no, I will not be reading this outloud at my house. I would like to get more use out of the crib... Hope all goes well!!