Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random thoughts whilst I avoid paper writing.

The setting: Kitchen, breakfast time
Jonas was sitting in his booster chair eating breakfast. G and I were rushing around packing lunches, making our own breakfasts and we both ended up in the same cabinet. We were joking around fighting over a protein bar...totally not thinking about how we sounded.

G: "Hey, I want that"
me: "No, its mine, I want it."
G: "mine, mine"
me: "gimme gimme"
Jonas: "HEY GUYS! You have to take turns, you have to share!"
G and I: hysterical snot out of nose laughter.
Jonas: "See, that's better."


The setting: Bedtime, Jonas's room
(not sure if I wrote about this or not)

Every night before bed, we read J stories. Regardless of which stories we read, we have to read Sam I Am. We have been doing this for about a year now.

me: "Ready for Sam I Am"?
Jonas: (head nod, thumb in mouth)
me: "I am Sam"
me: "Sam I Am"
Jonas: Gently touching my arm, "Let me try mommy, let me try."
Jonas: "that sam I am, that sam I am. I do not like that sam I am".

He went on like that for a page and a half.

me: "Would you like ...."
Jonas: Interrupting. " No mommy, let me try it. I want to read it."

and so it went. He got all the way to "would you like it in the rain" and the sleepy's took over.
One of the cutest moments ever!


The setting: Kitchen

Jonas places the red mesh hamper thingy over his head.

Jonas: "To infinity and beyond*" and runs around the kitchen with his "wings" out.
*Toy Story reference for those that are Disney impaired

Ok. back to work. Two more weeks of the semester, then I have a whole month off! wooo hooo

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