Monday, May 14, 2007

UGH. Allright with the waiting already

SO... we are waiting for the US embassy in Guatemala to issue us our "pink slip". The slip has the date of our appointment to get Jonas' visa. He needs his visa to leave the country. I think we were submitted on 5/7/07...I've been told it takes 3-10 days to get the "pink slip". I see the latest appointments are now 5/25/07. That would be a perfect appointment for us because of work and the holiday. I have to trust that it will all unfold as it should...this my friends, is the challenge. I wait I am searching around on the internet for where we are going to adopt from next. Yes, you heard it here first...we want a second child. We are leaning toward another boy... I just really like boys. I am going to let it go until Jonas gets home and then see where we are lead. SIGH, if only money grew on trees!

Until next time...

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