Saturday, August 4, 2007

Beware of juice boxes

Today we are going to our first playdate. Its being hosted by..uh..some strangers I met online! Sounds scary huh? I'll let you know if the guy from Dateline was there! Just kidding... I joined an online group of parents of children from Guatemala and today is our first playdate. I'm excited.. I've only seen Jonas with children two other times and he didn't seem too impressed.

Ok folks, so yesterday I almost drowned my son. This, I assure you, is not as bad as it sounds. We were at a gathering last evening and he was strapped in his stroller. I pulled out a small box of vanilla soymilk (like a juice box folks, but without the juice) and stuck the straw in and HOSED my son down...all over his face...directly aimed at his nose..he flailed all around...eyes closed, arms swinging around, I remember it in slow motion, it just kept going and going..I must have been squeezing the box..I really don't remember. I tried not to completely meltdown so I wouldn't scare him...he was fine. I need a few more days to recover.

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