Friday, July 27, 2007

Raspberries in the moonlight

Hi everyone! Life has been good here. Jonas is amazing, growing and changing everyday.

Our latest ordeal is sleep. We have come to the conclusion that he must have slept in the same room as his foster family. He falls asleep well but then when we leave the room, if he wakes he screams bloody murder. We consulted an adoption medicine resource and have some new tools to implement. Last two nights have been fabulous..he's slept in the pack n play in our room. He falls asleep on his own, no screaming and its wonderful. The night before last Geoffrey tried to put him down to sleep (which I know sounds scary because of what he does for a living...but know what I mean!!)...Anyway, I was sitting in the living room trying to read the new Harry Potter book. I turned the monitor on so I could spy on them (he he) and I hear Jonas blowing raspberries on his arm. He is REALLY good at it!! Anyway, I knew there would be no chance of rest anytime soon...but guess what??? I smiled and thanked the universe for the opportunity to be with this child. Pretty cool! I am loving my new family.

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