Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting the hang of it

So, G and I had an appointment tonight with a financial planner. Now, I know you are thinking... don't you have to have money to plan something of the financial nature? Yeah, yeah we know that and the short man with the initials on his cuffs and the very fancy cuff links told us that too. (BTW, its odd to me that people with money think its "fancy" to have shirts with no buttons on the sleeve...that really is a sign of like, oh shit I lost a button and I don't have any money to buy another one so I'll stick something shiny in it to hold it together) but I digress. The real story is about how I had to take a toddler to a one hour meeting about our not having any money to plan for.

Here's what I did:

I brought the portable dvd player (with the power source!)
I brought the Finding Nemo DVD
I brought apple slices
I brought juice boxes
I brought a box of raisins
I brought his stroller
I brought (SHUT UP) chicken McNuggets (thanks for raisin' them yummy chicks Jaden)

I got to the meeting early, asked if I could go into the room where we would meet to set up. I plugged and arranged and pushed play and my kiddo didn't make a peep for the entire hour. Well, except to yell, "SCAWY FISH" and "OH NO" and "DORWY".


PS. I know a really great financial planner if you have any money to plan for in a financial way.


M & J said...

Glad to be of service!!! LOL!!!!

Kelly said...

No Money! Us Po'folk dunno watchu' talk'in bout! LOL