Tuesday, July 1, 2008


G: I read your blog today.
Me: (he did? cool...uh oh! he read the blog)
G: Is there any particular reason why you want planet earth to think I am a wife beater?
Me: (uh oh)
G: Do you have anything you'd like to say on there that would alert homeland security about me, or the DEA? Could you go ahead and post that stuff right away?
Me: Apparently you have come across a post you did not enjoy. (cringe)
G: Can you delete posts?
Me: Well, I have to consult the managing editor.
G: (not amused)
Me: Yes.

Well, I've had my first lesson in Blogging 101: Your family may not appreciate the same level of transparency that you do.

HUH? You mean there are people who don't want their private stuff all strung out there like grannies panties on the clothesline? Hmph.

I wrote this post and my sweet husband isn't reveling in his moment of sarcastic glory. He is (understandably) concerned that you all think he is a monster. He took a risk and acted a fool and I basically paraded him around school with his pants down. So...Here is my public apology.

Sorry baby, didn't mean to hurt your feelings or make you feel like your privacy was violated!

I believe this boundary is one that many, many bloggers are learning to traverse (without a net) on the net. I will do my best to hold my pole straighter, or at least warn them if I'm gonna tell the whole planet their bees wax!


M & J said...

Whew I am so glad that you cleared that up! When I read that post I whispered to Michael, "Boy, you really think you know some people. Poor Kecia"


Kelly said...

It has happened too many times to count LOL LOL Its all good and I don't think he's a wife beater LOL

Kelly said...

I do however think you guys' personalities ROCK!!!!LOL