Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random Rantings

Christmas morning...

I enter the hallway in front of Jonas's (jonases..jonas'???) room.
I turn to look in the door and I see :

1. diaper on the floor
2. pj pants
3. pj top
4. empty toddler bed
5. one nekked guatemalan boy with a train hat on , lying on the floor wrapped up in a blanket.


Someone call for a nekked boy burrito? He was just lying there, sucking his thumb. "good morning mommy". Like... hey, this is our new christmas tradition... naked on the floor sleeping...didn't you get the memo?


It occurred to me today that I will have a 13 year old and a 16 year old at the same time. Can I please time travel to the future to remind myself to take my anti-depressants?


I bought my husband a dutch oven for christmas. I think that officially makes me the lamest wife in the universe. (does it make up for it that I bought him some AXE body spray? ) (no?...makes it worse?) Oh well.


Technically, I am five months pregnant (on paper) technically, I can totally have as much ice cream as I want. What? .. It doesn't count? But what if ... oh forget it.


Would it be wrong for me to.... oh nevermind. If I start the sentance with, "would it be wrong" it probably is.

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Bahama Shores Mama said...


I guess my lameass could have looked at everyone's profiles on FB and saw who listed a blog addy......but I'm lame!

I've added you to my google reader and I'll be sure to catch up with the back posts soon.

I too have a blog, but don't use real names as my husband is a bit security phobic. Whatev!

So, I'm you FB friend who went to high school with you and now also lives in FL.......

Come visit my blog too when you get a chance. I'm a sporadic poster, though.