Saturday, December 20, 2008

Uh..I'm listening

So yesterday I dropped J off at "school". When I have time, I sit an hang for a little while. I usually sit on a glider near the door and read books to the snotty nosed kids..they are for some reason the only ones who are drawn to me. Anyhoo, this time, my favorite of the little girls came up to me with a book about a kitty. (I adore this child, she is so cute and has this little tiny voice...agh) Anyway, I am sitting there reading...she is sitting on my leg. She turned to look at me, took her hand and stroked my face and said, " You are a beautiful princess."


Is that what little girls are like?

I thought I was going to dissolve like one of those alka-seltzer tablets right there in that glider.

I have been having a lot of anxiety about raising a girl. One of my friends who has three kiddos said. " I have two boys, and they are awesome. But having a girl.. its indescribable."

I guess we'll see!

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Kelly said...

Gierls are alot of fun and yes full of Sass!!!!!It is indescribably AWESOME!!!!