Monday, April 2, 2007

...and some more plus some more news.

Well, Uncle Phil Hissom sent Jonas MORE money and his first FIRST birthday card!! We got another sweet letter and check from one of sister Margie's friend's, Terry Stradler. Thank you thank you! Its really amazing what has happend here in the name of love! I am so grateful.

We made it to the old time was a lot of fun. Geoffrey did enter but didn't win. He made some good contacts in the local music scene and I think we will be checking out the regular "jam" starting the 4th week in April. I definately was inspired to pick up my fiddle again and get to practicing.

On the "not so good news" tip... the hospital was broken into this morning. They broke a window but didn't get far because they tripped the motion detector. Thank goodness we invested in that alarm system!! The sherrif's deputy said several hospitals were broken into this weekend. She believed that spring breakers were here and looking for some good drugs. Too bad for them...good for the window company. We are no worse for the wear aside from having to get up at 5:00am for the alarm company call.

Leaving for Guatemala in four days...I am so excited.

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