Saturday, April 7, 2007

What a difference a day makes

oh boy.. Well... jonas had a really tough time transitioning from the foster family to us this time. i knew he would only pick one of us to bond with ..well..let me tell was crystal clear that he wasn't choosing me.

good grief..this child wailed till he was completely out of breath. Gratefully he was a big fan of his abuela. so... he'd cry and i'd cry and it was a disaster, he was inconsolable by me... it was heartbreaking.

mom put him to bed around 9 and he woke up at 7;30..smiling...yeah!!! i got him out of the crib, put him in bed with us...all smiles... We have had a great day today. yesterday i seriously thought i'd have to get a separate room.

i haven't taken any video yet... and very few pictures...gotta get on the ball with that.

until next time.

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