Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bye Byeee

Ok, so I never uploaded the zoo pictures. I will get to that by the end of the week. Just finished my first semester of graduate school. I can't belive that in less than a month I will be going full time plus working an my internship. Crazy!! Its going to be hard on all of us.

Today, Jonas and I went to the mall to get a photo with Santa. He did so well..wasn't afraid of him at all. Then I decided to just stop by Sears portrait studio to see what the deal was with that. Well, you know they roped me in! So.. trying to get a 20 month old to sit/stand/kneel in one place long enough to take a photo is nearly impossible. Unreal the stuff we had to do to get good pictures of him. He was totally freaked out by the massive camera suspending apparatus and then all the weird people...and why the heck is mommy making all those funny faces at me... It was torture. The photog was really funny, Jonas was really great. When he would get irritated, he would just walk out of the room and say BYE BYEEEE and wave. I would run out and round him up and we would try again. The photog said most kids just scream and cry...mine has the wherewithall to just remove himself from the negative stimuli. (I secretly felt kinda proud!)

We took several walk-around-the-mall breaks. In the end we got some pretty great shots. I'll post some after I send them out to family for the holiday. No fair for you all to see them first!

I know I owe you some pictures...give me a few days. I am going on an interview Thrusday morning for my internship. Tomorrow will be shopping for a damn outfit (sooo not looking forward to that).

Peace ya'll

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