Friday, October 3, 2008

A boy and his cat

So, I am posting this very, very long video because I am so
full of joy over the amount of empathy my son has. The dialogue
pretty much goes like this:
Sadie : Meow (can I go into the garage?)
Jonas: are you hungry?
Sadie: Meow (of course but..can I go into the garage?)
Jonas: What's wrong?
Sadie: Meow (seriously, can I go into the GARAGE?)
Jonas: Ahhhh
Sadie: Meow (look dude...I just wanna go in the garage!)
Jonas: You're OK
This continues until he remembers that he doesn't really
love cats, he loves Thomas the Tank Engine.

1 comment:

ME said...

He is still the most handsomest boy child I know - hands down - no arguments!! And that he has that big sweet heart makes him all the more outstanding.Ya'll are doing well. BTW - that cat is HUGE!