Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin fever

Hola. So today we went to this really cool (ha) pumpkin festival. There were cannons shooting pumpkins, performing pigs, 150 craft booths (I didn't look at a single one), many food options (which almost killed me as I am on day 7 of the South Beach Effin Diet), pony get the picture.

Well, it was a warm, WARM day here in Florida. Jonas was fairly perky when we got there. But after awhile he didn't want to do anything but sit in the stroller. Usually when I ask him to smile for pictures he is a real ham, but he just looked sad (see new header picture). So we decided that he was tired,and we left. When we got home, he felt really warm to me. I took his temp and it was 102.4. OMG. So I basically drug my poor child through the pumpkin festival with a temp and it was already hot outside. I made sure he drank lots of fluids, and gave him some motrin. About an hour later he was totally back to normal. Sigh.
I have no idea why we are so obsessed with him yelling, "YEE HAW", but here's a video from the pony riding portion of the day. (This was one of the first things we did, I think he was feeling pretty good here.)


Kelly said...

Performing pigs????

South beach ,aye ? Good luck we are doing weight watchers over here. Yay I am so eff'in happy, aren't you? LOL

jeck said...

That is a great picture of all you guys!!!

Jonas just keeps getting cutier!!!

Anonymous said...

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