Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gotta go shoe shopping

So, today we went into work to visit the daddy and help out with some end of quarter busy work. There were several lovely ladies there who helped my little guy walk around. He had on some sandals (that I bought..before we went to pick him up). I saw him from a distance and THEY ARE TOO SMALL. I could never tell because he was always sitting down when I put them on and I am never far away enough from his feet to see his shoes..weird..I know. Ok..stop judging me..I've only been doing this for three weeks......OH!! HA!! Three weeks TODAY!

Anyway, Nena (my mom) Jonas and I are going shoe shopping tomorrow. Apparently, I am supposed to get my child shoes from Stride Rite. I was informed that I only wore shoes from stride rite as a child, and Geoffrey said that's all he wore..sooooooooooooo off to check out the stride rite selection at Dillards.

This kid is going to be sprinting with a good pair of shoes on... hmmm..maybe I better rethink this.

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~deb~ said...

Nena is 100% correct! Stride Rite is the place to go, as Jonas deserves only the best!