Saturday, July 14, 2007

New shoes and a failed sleepover

Well, yesterday we ended up with two new pair of shoes. HOWEVER... within one hour of the purchase, my darling son...having his diaper changed by my darling husband... well,shall we say...he SOAKED his new shoes, and not in a good way. One of those you-took-my-diaper-off-at-the-exact-wrong-time moments. Wish I had been there to see it. I saw the aftermath...I had no idea that much..uh..liquid could be in a person that small.

This evening we attempted (yes, attempted) the first sleepover at Nena's house. Geoffrey and I went to meet with some friends, and then the plan was dinner and a movie. I called after the meeting with friends to see how things were going and I could hear Jonas screaming in the background. "Do you want me to come there?" "Uh, (long pause) no." I went there, he was not going to sleep in that house. I used all my best moves! So.. we split. No crying over spilled milk or failed sleepovers in our family. We'll try again another time.

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