Sunday, October 7, 2007


Jonas spent the night with his Nena last night (my mom). I got up early today...Geoffrey and the dogs were still in bed and I felt like I was doing something naughty!! Reminiscent of sneaking out of the house as a teenager. I ran through the house gathering what I needed and was in the car in record time. I turned off the Raffi cd as soon as I got in the car and turned on NPR....aaahhhh. I felt my shoulders relax. I cruised with the windows down all the way to Panera. I found the perfect spot, a little table near the window that had an electrical outlet nearby. If I'm lucky, I'll be here long enough to have to plug this computer in. I ordered my coffee and egg souffle and headed back to my little oasis.

Now, I say all this not out of lack of gratitude for my newly formed family...but out of gratitude for my newly acquired freedom to do what I want to do, if only for a few hours. I have a new appreciation for moments when I can take care of myself. If I have learned anything from these three months of parenting its, I can't give away what I don't have. I cannot pour water from an empty vessel. I have to take time to "fill myself up" so that I can give to my beautiful son.

Two friends that Geoffrey and I met in Guatemala the second time we went to see Jonas, brought their son home this weekend. They are Mike, Jessica and baby Jaden. We are so thrilled for them. Jaden is 15 months old, just 2 weeks older than when we brought Jonas home. I look forward to staying in touch with them on their journey and to be a support to them. We already have a playdate for next year at Disney. Their homecoming is making me think about bringing Jonas home and all the changes we made. I can't believe that such a little person can make such a huge impact in the world. I swear to you that I am a better person. I also have a deeper belief in a higher power. I am certain that my higher power loves me more than evidence is that I get to have Jonas. I write I am seeing that I have turned into a thirty something sitting in a coffee shop typing on my blog on my laptop. CRAAZY!! I am so blessed.

Ok.. off to do homework..which is the real reason why I am here in the first place. I am in week 7 of my online graduate school class. Geoffrey and I are going Monday to an open house for the Master of Social Work program and to tour the daycare center on campus. Jonas is going to stay at my moms monday-wednesday and then come to school with me thursday and friday. OH!!! That reminds me... Last Friday, Jonas and I went to a place called Squkid Fitness. Its basically a gym for kiddos. We went to a "music class". My expectations were that we would be playing instruments etc... but we were just led in song by a nice lady named Miss Sandy. Jonas was not able to focus, but really enjoyed being around the other kids. My plan is to go to the YMCA two days a week starting next week and one day a week at the Squkid Fitness place. The Y has a great daycare center, and I certainly could use the work outs.

Ok... really going to do my work now.

Be well everyone!

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M & J said...

AWWWW we made it into your blog!!!! WoooHooo!!!!

Oh my gosh how I love Panera!! We don't have one here and I drag Michael to them anytime we are traveling and I see one!!!

Talk to you soon!!