Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Suction cups rule!

Ok, so my new favorite thing in the entire world is a bowl with a suction cup on the bottom. Wow.. I really am speechless about the wonder of this thing. It has revolutionized meals at my home.

My second favorite things is that GEOFFREY BOUGHT ME A CAMERA FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! It was so funny.... Jonas and I were in the playroom when G got home from work. I bought Jonas these adorable one piece pajamas... Anyway, G came in to play with us before I put Jonas to bed and all I could think was...man I wish I could take some pictures of this. I suppose I must have said it outloud cuz G handed me his phone so I could take some pictures. I took a few and he took it from me. I asked for it back and he sort of huffed at me and got up. I was very confused...then he came back with a best buy bag and said...well, if you HAVE to take pictures!!! WOOOO HOOOO. He reminded me that under no terms will there be an additional birthday gift! I said...ok.

So.. I am charging things and learning about how to use it...sooo...there will be way more pictures on the blog soon. I am soooo excited!! Yay for me!

Good nite

PS...you should go to the link to the right that says MJ&J... my friends boy took his first steps this week and they captured it on video...what a hoot!

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M & J said...

I knew I liked Geoffrey!! Yay, I can get my daily dose of Jonas now!!! WooHoo!!!!

Happy Birthday Kecia!!!!!