Sunday, October 14, 2007

paper schmaper

Ok, so I am totally supposed to be writing my midterm paper right now. I just got to thinking about how much my life has changed and I can't focus. This little guy is really all I think about now. Jonas is so great...he is unbelievably smart and funny. I am so looking forward to having a conversation with him. He jabbers constantly accompanied by facial expressions and hand gestures. He really has a lot to say...I just wish I could understand his language. Oh well..soon enough.

We have mastered the going to sleep thing...which is a HUGE relief. I used to have to sit in his room with him until he fell asleep and sneak out. Now, I put him in his crib, say goodnight, turn the lights out and shut the door. I think it means he is feeling safer here with us. I like that.

Ok... off to my paper, which I have seriously left until the last minute. (its due tommorrow at 8am.)

Oh well.

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M & J said...

Okay give me the secret of them falling asleep by themselves... NOW!!! Ha! Jaden DEMANDS to be rocked asleep...