Monday, March 19, 2007

The referral

May 3rd 2006 I got an email from our adoption agency. The name of our agency, as I said before, is Adopt an Angel. The subject line of the email was " Angel". The body of the email said this:

"Hi Kecia,

I am sending you the picture of baby angel . He is ready and available for placement. Would you like to be considered for him. We are close enough on your paperwork to do the match. When I saw him i thought you might be interested. He is so adorable. Let me know what you think and we can do the match. Call me right away on this one. Thanks, Mindy"

I thought they just referred to all the babies as "Angel". Then I opened the email and it said this:

"Mindy, meet Angel! He is such a doll! Let me know what the family thinks. Lisa"

followed by this note from the doctor:

"This morning I had the opportunity to meet Angel Josue, he was born on 04/09 at a town Chiquimula, at this moment there is no further information available as to the pregnancy or delivery nor I am aware of an pastmedical or family history that I can share with you. The caregiver does share with me that she has not noticed any abnormality in the time that this littleone has been under her care. Upon evaluation today I found little Angel Josue in good health with no obvious abnormalities, his weight is 6 lbs 13 oz, length of 46.4 cms and head circumference of 34.8 cms. "

His name was Angel..and I was in love

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