Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The waiting is the hardest part

Ok, so I really thought after the visit trip that I would be able to focus more, and begin to trust that things are moving along. HA! More distracted, more desperate for him to be home...the one good thing was meeting his foster family. They were so wonderful, and clearly love him very much. Tommy, the 12 year old is really bonded to the baby...he loves to play with him.

The next part of the process were something called, Kick Outs. Yes, they are what they sound like. We got "Kicked Out" of PGN. This means something was spelled wrong or they didn't like the way something was signed..or someone peed in their wheaties and they were taking it out on us. (sad, but true). The consequence of a kick out is varied. Sometimes there is a document to be signed..then notarized, certified and legalized. This takes weeks to accomplish, then you get resubmitted to PGN and go back to the bottom of the pile. We have been kicked out three times now. So..we are sitting in PGN..waiting to get OUT..which means the end of the Guatemalan process and onto the embassy issuing our visa so we can bring him home...

In the meantime we got a couple more updates.

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