Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Visit Trip #1

So, we took our first trip to Guatemala over Thanksgiving this year. I was so scared...I had never been out of the country and just really didn't know what to expect. We took lots of pictures and three hours of video. Come on by, we'd be glad to pop some popcorn and watch the movies!

Notable events of visit trip one include:
  • Meeting the foster family
  • Meeting Jonas..duh
  • The baby got sick with a fever of 104 the first night we had him
  • Geoffrey got food poisioning
  • Falling in love with my son
  • Seeing smoke coming out of a volcano
  • Touring the artisian market and buying handmade treasures

We had a great time and we were really glad we chose to go. Alot of families that adopt don't go for a visit as they are afraid of the pain of leaving the child behind. I was more affected by the pain of being so far away...so we went.

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