Monday, March 19, 2007

Updates , POA and DNA

After we accepted the baby's referral, we had to sign a power of attorney. We had to wait for the document to be drawn up in Guatemala...ship to us..we sign, get notarized, certified and legalized and back down to Guate. We then wait to enter Family Court and to get DNA authorization. All of this took ALOT of time.

DNA is a stressful part of the process. This is when the birthmom and baby see each other for the first time since the birth. Statistically speaking, if the mom is going to change her mind, this is when she does it. DNA is a requirement of the US government. Once there is a DNA match, the child is granted "pre approval" for a visa. This part of the process triggers other, bigger parts of the process..but most importantly it means you can go visit the child.

So, the next phase is called, "waiting for updates". We received a medical update and about 10 or twelve pictures once per month. My whole life revolved around getting these emails. They came between the 9th and 11th of the month. Its tough watching your kid grow up in pictures.

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